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Dinner with The Smiley’s

Dinner is more than just a meal. It’s when we share not only food, but laughs, stories and conversation. It’s the evening gathering of family or friends. We land back at home from work, school, activities and other things we’re off doing each day. And despite the cell phones, tablets and ever-calling Netflix que, it is generally a meeting we look forward to, perhaps even more than the food being served. With the release of the book Dinner with the Smileys, we can be reminded just how much is to be gained from sitting around a table together. The Smileys are a typical American family. Author … Read More

Invite Bonnie Into Your Kitchen!


The Kale Detox Salad

I was gifted with an abundance of fresh vegetables today (actual pic above) and I immediately went to work making a detox salad...well, mainly because I am doing a detox week, but a little bit because I really, really LOVE this salad even when I am not … Read More

Three Herbs

Bonnie’s Custom Herbs & Spices

Featured on The Oprah Show! If you want an easy way to dress up anything you are making, just add one of Bonnie's hand blended spices. Given away on the Oprah Show, Bonnie's Tasty Herb Rub became an instant hit and is now used in thousands of … Read More

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Need a Caterer or Private Chef?

Let Chef Bonnie come to you! Private Chef Details in addition to regular food items, chef bonnie also specializes in paleo, vegan, gluten free, dairy free & many other diet restrictive foods chef bonnie can prepare family meals, snacks, group meals, … Read More

Favorite Recipes

Tamale Pie with Corn

Tamale Pie

Nothing says time saver like a good old fashioned Tamale Pie! This one takes … Read More

green papaya salad bonnie stoilkovich

Green Papaya Salad

If you have been to a Thai restaurant lately, chances are you've seen a Green … Read More


Filet with Rosemary Essence

I love to grill.  Though, usually my husband is the one who takes over in this … Read More

Food News & More


My Chickens

If there is ever a need for eggs in my classes, chances are the ones we use come … Read More


Vintage Grocers – Malibu’s NEW Market!

What do you get when you put two great guys together who are passionate about … Read More

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Puff The Magic Chicken

Anyone who knows me, knows that my hens are a large part of my life. I wish I … Read More